Read: The Passed Note thinks THE AUTHENTICS is “a fun, thought-provoking read”

The Passed Note has written a rave review of THE AUTHENTICS. You can read the whole review by clicking here. Here is an excerpt: With each chapter, Nazemian forces you to introspect through his characters, to consider how you define yourself and how you present yourself to those around you. While the slower pacing and slightly winding plot might deter readers looking for a focused YA adventure, they allow you to truly delve into each moment of the story. Indeed as I finish the final pages I’m having a hard time believing it’s a piece of fiction.

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Watch: Abdi Nazemian discusses THE AUTHENTICS on Sirius XM’s WOW Report

Abdi Nazemian discussed his novel THE AUTHENTICS with Fenton Bailey and James St. James on Sirius XM's WOW Report Book Report. Skip ahead to 1:24:39 to see Abdi discuss the book.

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Buzzfeed chooses THE AUTHENTICS as a novel “You’ll Want To Read From Cover To Cover This Fall”

Buzzed has selected THE AUTHENTICS as one of 22 novels "you'll want to read from cover to cover this fall." Read the piece by clicking here. Here's what they had to say: Daria Esfandyar, an Iranian-American teenager, has always felt proud of her heritage. She's happiest when she's with her group of friends, who call themselves The Authentics. But when she's assigned a school project that compels her to learn more about her family history, she discovers something unexpected — something that makes her truly question her identity. This fresh, compelling YA novel does a fantastic job at covering themes of fitting in, identity, and friendships.

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Read: YA Bookers thinks THE AUTHENTICS is “a beautiful coming-of-age novel”

YA Bookers loves THE AUTHENTICS. Read their full review by clicking here, or read an excerpt below: The Authentics is full to the brim with Iranian culture and history and tackled how Daria didn’t feel like she fitted in with the Persian crowd, and later, revolved around coming to terms with a whole new side of herself and a new identity. And lastly, can we talk about the family dynamics? The family dynamics were complex and ever changing. Their relationship develops so much throughout the novel. Even when in conflict, it was obvious they loved each other. Can we have more YA books focusing on positive family dynamics, please? I additionally adored the Authentics, and how supportive they were. More supportive friendships in YA, please! Overall, this is a beautiful coming-of-age novel about identity and self-discovery. READ THIS BOOK. If you’re looking for strong, positive family dynamics and friendship groups, or if you’re

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Watch: Abdi Nazemian in conversation with David Ebershoff at New York’s Strand Bookstore

Abdi Nazemian celebrated the New York launch of THE AUTHENTICS by discussing the book with author and editor David Ebershoff (and two very special guests). Click here to watch on YouTube, or watch below.

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