Boomtrain Wants to Be Your One-Stop-Shop for Web Content

Let’s face it, nobody wants to spend hours searching the internet for quality web series. It’s annoying enough to search for a good show on our five hundred cable channels. Now we’re expected to find great programming on countless websites and YouTube channels? Which explains why curation is the next big thing in web content, with numerous companies vying to become the trusted brand name in web series curation.

To this growing list of companies, which includes Blip and Koldcast, we can now add boomtrain.  Boomtrain sees itself as different from competitors like Blip and Koldcast.  Nick Edwards, boomtrain’s co-founder and CEO described Blip as HBO and Koldcast as A & E, adding, “We are pulling those together in a single network of networks.” In other words, they don’t see themselves as a cable network serving a specific niche. “From a business model perspective and as a pure structural parallel,” Edwards said, “We want to be like DirecTV, bringing all this different content together.”

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