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This piece first appeared in The Advocate. Mommy-and-MeThe first time I ever saw a sign that read “Mommy and Me” was outside a movie theater in Los Feliz, an extremely liberal enclave of extremely liberal Los Angeles. On Wednesday afternoons, this movie theater hosted “Mommy and Me” screenings. I imagined a theater filled with mothers nursing their newborns as they watched the latest art-house film, and as a father-to-be, I immediately felt excluded. Since having my children, I have run into the phrase “Mommy and Me” time and time again. The Pump Station, a Los Angeles destination for all things baby, declares on their website that “the support and friendship of other Moms who will be part of your world for years to come! You can’t put a price on that!” They offer not only a series of “Mommy and

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Reviews by Abdi Nazemian

Abdi Nazemian was born in Tehran and has lived in Paris, Toronto, New York, Rome, and… um… Scarsdale. He is now an LA-based screenwriter, director, and producer who is proud to say his words have been spoken by the likes of The Nanny and Carmela Soprano. Being restless and easily bored, he thought it would be a good idea to add father of twins, MBA student, and web series critic to his résumé. Abdi is not the inspiration for Madonna’s children’s book “The Adventures of Abdi,” though the illustrations do look suspiciously like him. Follow him @abdaddy Full Story

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2005: The year NBC’s Will & Grace filmed its last groundbreaking episode and the year Showtime’s Queer as Folk went off the air. Ellen had already proven that an out lesbian could be accepted as a daytime talk show host, and Neil Patrick Harris was one year away from proving that an out actor could be a sitcom star. It was in this climate of rapid change that Viacom premiered Logo TV, the first advertising-supported cable channel targeting the LGBT community. Expectations were high. Logo TV was a promise to the gay community that their lives would finally be reflected back to them on television. Yeah, so that never happened. Logo instead focused on two things: reality television that makes Honey Boo Boo look like Ingmar Bergman (with the exception of the wonderful RuPaul’s Drag Race) and reruns of shows like Daria, Roseanne, and The Golden Girls (all great

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Boomtrain Wants to Be Your One-Stop-Shop for Web Content

Let’s face it, nobody wants to spend hours searching the internet for quality web series. It’s annoying enough to search for a good show on our five hundred cable channels. Now we’re expected to find great programming on countless websites and YouTube channels? Which explains why curation is the next big thing in web content, with numerous companies vying to become the trusted brand name in web series curation. To this growing list of companies, which includes Blip and Koldcast, we can now add boomtrain.  Boomtrain sees itself as different from competitors like Blip and Koldcast.  Nick Edwards, boomtrain’s co-founder and CEO described Blip as HBO and Koldcast as A & E, adding, “We are pulling those together in a single network of networks.” In other words, they don’t see themselves as a cable network serving a specific niche. “From a business model perspective and as a pure structural

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Best Buds

Maurice Harris of Bloom and Plume and Kristen Caissie of Moon Canyon Design Co. like to think of themselves as “flower friends.” The two designers, who are based in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, are, in Harris’s words, out to “bridge the gap between opulent and natural,” each in their own way. Harris learned about floral arrangement observing his grandmother, who was both a florist and milliner, and started Bloom and Plume in 2009. Among his signature arrangements are bouquets of white roses accented with fig branches and feathers, and hydrangeas mixed with moss-covered magnolia stems. Caissie, who opened her studio in 2010, got her hands dirty working at Spruce Floral in Boston—an experience that helped hone an organic vision, illustrated by the exquisite wreaths she creates from California foliage. Sign up for one

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