Read: Take Me Away thinks THE AUTHENTICS was “definitely worth my entire day on the couch glued to its pages”

Take Me Away has written a rave review of THE AUTHENTICS, which you can read by clicking here. Here is an excerpt:

What I loved most about this was the way it reminded me of my own family. My family is all different shapes and shades just like Daria’s. Really the only difference is Daria’s family hid her family from her. That truly made me feel sorry for her. She never would have gotten that part of her culture had they continued to keep that from her. It’s sad to think she could have missed out on some really important things.
Another thing I liked about this was the way this book took me through a complete emotional cycle. There were times I was laughing, and there was even a time when I teared up. When I get that emotional over a book, it shows how into I am. The more emotions it brings out of me the better.
This fast paced, diverse contemporary novel is definitely one that I can see others saying they read in one sitting too. With it’s emphasis on self-discovery and look into many different cultures, this book was definitely worth my entire day on the couch glued to its pages!
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