Read: The Monitor thinks THE AUTHENTICS is “fantastic”

The Monitor has highly recommended THE AUTHENTICS to its readers. Read their review by clicking here. Here is what they had to say: “The Authentics” follows Daria, an Iranian American heroine with a pure heart of gold. Readers are able to live a different life through Daria and experience a culture that may be new to them. Reading diverse books, teaches compassion and empathy to the reader and is something that is needed in this day and age. Family, friendship, and cultural identity take center stage in this one and it is fantastic.

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Read: UCLA salutes former student and teacher Abdi Nazemian on debut YA novel

UCLA congratulated Abdi on his debut YA novel, THE AUTHENTICS. Check it out by clicking here. Here is what Abdi had to say: “I learned a lot about writing from taking classes in the Writers’ Program, but perhaps even more from teaching in it. From my students, I learned how to nurture new ideas, stay focused, and retain a sense of optimism and inspiration. Teachers truly learn more from students than vice versa. My latest novel is the most personal piece of writing I’ve ever done, and tells a quintessentially Los Angeles story, so I’m especially excited to share it with the UCLA Extension community.”

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Read: Lit For Kids says THE AUTHENTICS is “highly recommended.”

Lit For Kids published their review of THE AUTHENTICS. You can read it by clicking here, or below: Daria is a young teen, proud of her Iranian-American heritage and fast friends with her gang who call themselves “The Authentics”  because of their commitment to continuing to be real, not fake. There are problems, of course; there is no love lost between Daria and her former best friend who leads a clique of girls that Daria calls “the Nose Jobs.”  But life continues to get more complicated, as research into her past for a school project uncovers secrets.  Daria is a delightful and believable protagonists.  She worries about her appearance, wonders what her first kiss will be like, and struggles to find her niche among her friends.  What I really loved was the the range of cultures, including:insights into the contemporary high school social world, Daria’s gay brother’s marriage and

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Read: The Passed Note thinks THE AUTHENTICS is “a fun, thought-provoking read”

The Passed Note has written a rave review of THE AUTHENTICS. You can read the whole review by clicking here. Here is an excerpt: With each chapter, Nazemian forces you to introspect through his characters, to consider how you define yourself and how you present yourself to those around you. While the slower pacing and slightly winding plot might deter readers looking for a focused YA adventure, they allow you to truly delve into each moment of the story. Indeed as I finish the final pages I’m having a hard time believing it’s a piece of fiction.

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Watch: Abdi Nazemian discusses THE AUTHENTICS on Sirius XM’s WOW Report

Abdi Nazemian discussed his novel THE AUTHENTICS with Fenton Bailey and James St. James on Sirius XM's WOW Report Book Report. Skip ahead to 1:24:39 to see Abdi discuss the book.

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