Read: Austin American-Statesman thinks THE AUTHENTICS will “expand the mind”

Austin American-Statesman chose THE AUTHENTICS as one of the books that will expand the mind this school year. Read the piece by clicking here. Here's what they had to say: Daria knows she’s not like the stuck-up Persian princesses who populate her L.A. high school. She may be forced to celebrate their sweet 16s at Insta-worthy bashes, but she and her real friends — self-dubbed “The Authentics” (HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray, $17.99) are secure in the knowledge that they focus on what really matters about their differing backgrounds and their place in the world. But when Daria researches her family history for a school project, she discovers that her heritage is much more complex than she thought. Abdi Nazemian’s debut novel for young adults is full of humor as he plumbs the multiple layers that fuse into identity.

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Read: Teen Reads thinks THE AUTHENTICS is “so wonderful, so poignant”

Teen Reads has written a rave review of THE AUTHENTICS. You can read it by clicking here, or below: Daria and her friend group, the Authentics, pride themselves on authenticity; maybe it’s because they all have a distinct style, and a seemingly have a close bond with each other, or perhaps it’s simply because they like to keep it real. When Daria finds out that her family has been hiding her adoption from her, she goes ballistic: why would her parents hide such a secret? Who were her real parents? Why is she so determined to find out? When I first read the synopsis for Nazemian’s THE AUTHENTICS, I was drawn to the "Nose Jobs," a group of Persian girls who essentially succumbed to popular culture in making the decision to alter their faces. Their ringleader, Heidi, just so happens to also be Daria’s not-so-nice ex-BFF. My family is North

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Read: Publisher’s Weekly covers the Los Angeles launch of THE AUTHENTICS

Publisher's Weekly covered the Los Angeles launch of THE AUTHENTICS at Skylight Books, where Abdi Nazemian was joined in conversation with Omar Sharif Jr. Check the piece out by clicking here.

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Read: Alexa Loves Books Writes Rave Review of THE AUTHENTICS

You can read Alexa Loves Books' review of THE AUTHENTICS by clicking here, or read it below:

Funny story: I got the ARC from a friend who wasn’t too interested in reading it. Saw the extremely pink cover. Read the synopsis. Discovered that it was a coming of age story about a young American-Iranian girl living in Los Angeles. Figured to myself, sure, why not? This could be worth a read.
I didn’t feel strongly about this book then. But boy, do I feel strongly about it now.
Here’s a young girl Daria, who we first meet at the birthday party of her former best friend and now tormentor Heidi, who is having the most Iranian/Persian birthday party ever while she and her current friends (The Authentics) marvel at the tackiness of it all. In contrast to her former best friend, Daria is true to herself (unlike Heidi, who got a

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News: The Walk-In Closet wins Lambda Literary Award

Walk In Closet PostThe 27th Lambda Literary Awards were presented in New York on June 1, 2015, celebrating the best gay, lesbian and transgender books of the year. A parade of actors, celebrities and activists presented the awards, which were hosted by comedian Kate Clinton. Liz Smith presented John Waters with Lambda's Trustee Award for Excellence in Literature. Gloria Steinem presented Rita Mae Brown with the Pioneer Award. Abdi Nazemian's The Walk-In Closet won the award for "Best Debut" novel. For The Los Angeles Times coverage of the awards, click here. For Out Magazine's coverage of the awards, click here. For The Guardian's coverage of the awards, click here.

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