Read: Teen Readers Council gives THE AUTHENTICS a rave review

Check out the Teen Readers Council review here, or read below: THE AUTHENTICS by Abdi Nazemian is a powerful story of identity, self-discovery and friendship. Protagonist Daria Esfandyar and her three best friends call themselves “the Authentics” because, unlike everyone else in their Beverly Hills high school, they know who they are and don’t try to hide it. Daria, for one, is incredibly proud of her Iranian American heritage. But after being assigned a genealogy project at school, Daria realizes that she may not be as authentic as she once thought. As she begins to discover who she really is, Daria is forced to question everything she once thought was true about her family, her friends, and herself. I loved reading about the interactions between Daria and her friends as she navigates through this tumultuous time in her life. Her friends are all compassionate and supportive, but also deeply flawed,

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Read: People Magazine chooses THE AUTHENTICS as their “Teen Pick”

People Magazine chose THE AUTHENTICS as their "Teen Pick," calling the novel, "astute" and "thoroughly absorbing." See below for two images from the print edition of People Magazine. Yes, it was reviewed just under Hillary Rodham Clinton's book!

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Watch: Abdi Nazemian on the LGBTQ&A podcast

Abdi discussed his novels, fatherhood, being a gay Iranian writer, and Madonna on the LGBTQ&A podcast with Jeff Masters. Watch below. If you want to listen to the podcast, go here:

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Read: The Monitor thinks THE AUTHENTICS is “fantastic”

The Monitor has highly recommended THE AUTHENTICS to its readers. Read their review by clicking here. Here is what they had to say: “The Authentics” follows Daria, an Iranian American heroine with a pure heart of gold. Readers are able to live a different life through Daria and experience a culture that may be new to them. Reading diverse books, teaches compassion and empathy to the reader and is something that is needed in this day and age. Family, friendship, and cultural identity take center stage in this one and it is fantastic.

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