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Funny story: I got the ARC from a friend who wasn’t too interested in reading it. Saw the extremely pink cover. Read the synopsis. Discovered that it was a coming of age story about a young American-Iranian girl living in Los Angeles. Figured to myself, sure, why not? This could be worth a read.
I didn’t feel strongly about this book then. But boy, do I feel strongly about it now.
Here’s a young girl Daria, who we first meet at the birthday party of her former best friend and now tormentor Heidi, who is having the most Iranian/Persian birthday party ever while she and her current friends (The Authentics) marvel at the tackiness of it all. In contrast to her former best friend, Daria is true to herself (unlike Heidi, who got a

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Read: Bustle includes THE AUTHENTICS on its list of the best YA novels of August 2017

To check out the whole article, click here. Here is what Bustle has to say about THE AUTHENTICS: "The Authentics" is her book's title, but it's also the concept Abdi Nazemian seeks to subvert and re-imagine in her story. Iranian-American Daria Esfandyar and her friends call themselves "the Authentics" because they're proud of their heritage — in contrast to the "Nose Job" Persian girl clique in her high school. But after researching her family history for a school project, Daria uncovers information that sends her sense of identity off-kilter. Nazemian's funny and wholly thought-provoking novel explores culture, family, and how we choose to define ourselves.

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Blog: Daddy and Me

This piece first appeared in The Advocate. Mommy-and-MeThe first time I ever saw a sign that read “Mommy and Me” was outside a movie theater in Los Feliz, an extremely liberal enclave of extremely liberal Los Angeles. On Wednesday afternoons, this movie theater hosted “Mommy and Me” screenings. I imagined a theater filled with mothers nursing their newborns as they watched the latest art-house film, and as a father-to-be, I immediately felt excluded. Since having my children, I have run into the phrase “Mommy and Me” time and time again. The Pump Station, a Los Angeles destination for all things baby, declares on their website that “the support and friendship of other Moms who will be part of your world for years to come! You can’t put a price on that!” They offer not only a series of “Mommy and

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